• How often do you post a new class schedule?

    After every 3 lessons of the beginning class. Or 3 weeks.

  • Do I have to register for class some days in advance?

    Not necessary. You can register on the first day, before or after the lesson.

  • Can I come to La Salsa and take a look or try one lesson?

    You can try out our first lesson. If you enjoy it, you can register and pay for the whole class.

  • Do I need to bring a partner?

    Not necessary. You will have partner when you join the class. In our classes, learners change partners to practise.

  • When can I go to salsa clubs and dance confidently?

    Normally learners can dance salsa after finishing beginning class. However if you are keen on practising more after every class, you can dance confidently with your classmates after 3 lessons.

  • What kind of clothes should I wear to class? Do I need to get some dancing shoes?

    Dress casually. Choose something elastic, so you can move your arms, legs easily. Flip-flops and tight skirts are not advisable. When you are better, you can buy dancing shoes.

  • Is a lesson per week enough?

    It is, from our own experience. Of course, and beside the class you can come to join the social dance on every Saturday (9pm-11:30pm) with many learners from vairous levels.

  • What language is used in class?

    English and Vietnamese since there are usually people from other countries in class.

  • What dances do I learn during the course?

    You will learn Salsa, Bachata and Merengue

  • Can the elderly take classes?

    Yes. Dancing and music makes your body flexible and more active, energetic and younger.

  • How many levels are there?

    Here, we have 8. Beside we also have some special classes such as Salsa On2 and Styling class.

  • What are the facilities in the class?

    You will be in the very comfortable place with air-conditional and the high quality dancing floor.