About us

Notice: From Jun 25, 2022, there is no social dancing at our place on Sat.

Although being opened recently, in October, 2009 to be exact, La Salsa has been steadily expanding with a gradual  rise of at least 30 members every month.

The current situation of La Salsa on the salsa map has been built up by the non-stop contribution of the distinguished members whose salsa time can be considered the longest in the  salsa community in Hochiminh City. People who come to La Salsa are different in nationality, age, job, …. have one heart, one passion for salsa, though. We come here to have fun dancing, chatting, sharing problems  to help each other through bad times, and work stress as well.  Growing from this is a beautiful sisterhood/ brotherhood among us. Love has also bloomed as an unavoidable but quite predictable gift,  and happily ended in beautiful and memorable weddings with the attendance of many dear salsa faces.
We are still a small community in the big salsa world. However, we’re proud to be one of the pioneers in cultivating and spreading salsa movement in Vietnam. It’s also our honor to say to the world that no where in the world can salsa movement grow faster in both quantity and quality as it can at La Salsa.
Salsa people from all corners in the world when coming to us are amazed at the hospitable, friendly and helpful manners, and also very cosmopolitan feature of people here. At this club, salsa friends don’t  feel lonely even when they come alone. Together we have made this club the most wanted salsa destination for salsa people in Hochiminh City and for people from other salsa communities. So if you want to improve your language skills, La Salsa is aslo a great choice.
Don’t hesitate when you want to have a taste of something new. Come to La Salsa. We are very happy to have you in our salsa home.

Address: La Salsa Club - 212 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. See the Map